Saturday, 26 September 2015

Walking the Royal Mile and More: Edinburgh Continued

Like all good tourists, we walked The Royal Mile from the castle at the top to Holyrood the Queen's residence in Edinburgh, at the bottom.
As you can see, it was a beautiful, sunny day!
Ah, but wait a minute.  As our waitress told us the night before, it is possible to experience all the four seasons in one day in Edinburgh....well, we didn't see snow!
Fortunately we had just entered this pub when it started to pour.
I had steak and kidney pie.  For 50 pence extra, you can upgrade to mushy peas.
Julia had bangers and mash.  Good reviews.
And Tom had tikka masala.  Also good reviews.
Scottish Parliament is at the bottom of The Royal Mile, right across from..
  Quite a contrast in architecture!
We visited The National Museum of Scotland.  Free entry!
And The Scottish National Gallery.  Also free entry!
One of my favorites in the gallery.
We visited the Scott Monument but..
I could not get one decent photo!!

Until Next Time....

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