Monday, 14 September 2015

The Fullerton Clan

     As promised, I have done some more research on the Scottish heritage of the Fullerton family.  I am a bit reluctant to share my results with Tom as I am afraid it will upset the balance of power in our home.  The Fullarton/Fullerton clan is said to be armigerous.  Well, I had to look up that word; I’m still not sure I understand but I get the feeling the Fullertons were underlings of another clan.  
Scottish Clansmen

     "In Scotland, an "armigerous clan" is a clan without a chief, which is therefore said to bear a coat of arms collectively, rather than have a chief who bears the arms.  The validity of this term is dubious, since under Scottish heraldic law, it is impossible for two men to use the same coat of arms, let alone an entire clan of people." (wikipedia)
     Just look at those words....without, dubious, impossible, let alone...How would you feel if you were armigerous?

     When I entered my name, Fullerton, on the clan page, there was no response.  I expected that; I knew exactly what to do….Fullarton. No Fullerton/Fullarton tartan.  They fall under Stuart of Bute tartan. There was even a disclaimer on the website that said: "There is no registered tartan for this clan."
Stuart of Bute Tartan

    They do have a crest.  The caption under it says, "An otter's head erased, Gules."  Erased?  Gules?  More research needed.
(Fullerton)Fullarton Clan Crest

    And they have a motto.  Lux in Tenebris which translates to Light in Darkness.  I do like that!!
Despite a valiant search, I did not find a Fullerton castle, but I did find a beautiful House with a capital H.
Fullarton House

     Not to be outdone by Clan Mathiesons, I thought maybe I’d share my Canadian version of my personal heritage.

My Castles:

My Winter Castle

My Summer Castle

My Tartan:

Long Reach Fullerton Tartan

My Motto:  I have not decided yet.  The following are contenders.  Which would you choose?

   1.  “Get out of the road!”
   2.   “Of all the didos!”
   3. “Is supper ready?”

Until Next Time....

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