Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why Scotland and Why Now?

Why Scotland and Why Now?

     Tom’s father was born in Scotland making Tom a first generation Canadian.  He has talked of exploring his Scottish heritage for several years.  I gave him the Scotland GuideBook a couple of years ago for Christmas as a gentle nudge in the UK direction.  He did not really bite.  


     However, when our daughter Julia announced she was doing a European tour and suggested we meet her in Scotland, Tom took the plunge and committed to the Scotland trip.  The time has come in our lives to stop talking about trips we would like to take, and Just Do It!


     Coincidentally, the motto for the clan Mathieson is Fac et Spera, which translates to "Do and Hope."  You might say that is Gaelic for Just Do It!!

Do and Hope

    Julia and Tom have done some Mathieson research and we will visit the Mathieson neighborhood in the vicinity of the Isle of Skye.  

Isle of Skye

     The Mathiesons tell me they had a castle.  “In 1539 Iain Dubh Matheson, chief of the Clan Matheson, died whilst defending the Castle on Eilean Donan island against the Clan MacDonald of Sleat on behalf of the Clan Macrae and Clan Mackenzie.” A visit to this site is on our itinerary.

Eilean Donan
     And the Mathiesons have tartans, of course.
Mathieson Dress Tartan

Mathieson Hunting Tartan

     I know, you all want to see Tom in a kilt.  Well, I wouldn't be one bit surprised.  I made this nice wool vest, had him model it, and sort of named it after him in hopes that he would buy it from me for $80.00, but he didn't.  But he'll probably buy a kilt.
The Pensive Scot

     The Fullertons also hail from Scotland so we will be visiting those roots in the Ayrshire area.   I've done a little research on the family name.  Couldn't find a motto, a castle, or a tartan.  I'm still

                                                                  Until Next Time....


  1. Can't wait for the pictures! The mcleods still live on ske and that's our next trip!

  2. I will be following the Granite /Cuddles tour with great interest.Be sure to enjoy yourself even with your Scot/Fullerton restraint.

    1. I'll try!!! As long as no one tries to hug me......

  3. I will be anxiously waiting for updates , and will expect a detailed guide in case I get to go explore our heritage ! 💜💜💜