Thursday, 1 October 2015

Will you go to the Highlands, Leezie Lindsay? Day 11: Inverness

The Highlands

     Remember this traditional Scottish song?  John Allan Cameron did a recording of it back in the day.  Robert Allan of Kilbarchan (1774-1881) is thought to be responsible for writing and remodeling the following version of the first two stanzas.  How is your Gaelic?

"Will ye gang tae the Heilands, Leezie Lindsay?
Will ye gang tae the Heilands wi' me?
"Will ye gang tae the Heilands, Leezie Lindsay,
My bride and darling tae be?"

"To gang to the Heilands wi' you, Sir, 
   I dinna ken how that may be, 
For I ken nae the road I am gaeing, 
   Nor yet wha I'm gaun wi'."

     Julia, Tom and I traveled by train to the highlands and spent one night in Inverness.  
Julia on the Train

Scenes from the Train

     Inverness is a pretty little town with its own beautiful castle overlooking the River Ness and this construction site.
Inverness Castle

The River Ness

Along the River in Inverness

Street Planter in Inverness

Picturesque Street Scene

     Tucked amidst its picturesque streets, you will find not only a pricey music store, but also    
Music Store

..... a Pram Centre.  Have you ever seen a Pram Centre?  I love prams.....the word, the look, the idea.

Pram Centre

Pram Inventory

         We finished our evening in Inverness with a "pint" and a "dram" and some"crisps" at a local pub!

The Mathiesons at the Pub

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  1. I imagine that you have read "The Outlander" series. I would be beside myself with glee if I recognized anything from the books!! At the very least, did you see any kilted men??

    1. I have not read The Outlander series. Yes, I did see some kilted men! Great Scot!

  2. Hi La. I just got your Granite and Cuddles blogs for the first time since you arrived in Scotland and am enjoying the trip vicariously.
    I spent a day and 1/2 in Edinburgh in 1982 with my sister Stephanie. Did you happen to see the tiny Queen Margaret's chapel? I always thought that I would love to get married there. Well....that didn't quite woike out :-)
    Hi to T-Hawk and Jewels and look forward to reading the next installment. P.S. Agatha C. was married twice?

    1. I did go in Margaret's chapel. It is tiny! And, yes, according to our guide, Agatha was married twice!