Friday, 25 September 2015

In Edinburgh with the Royal Juls: Days 7,8,9, and 10

On Tuesday, we met up with Julia who has been gallivanting throughout Europe with a knapsack on her back.  Here we are at My Big Fat Greek Kitchen getting her advice on Greek cuisine.

We stayed in an "adequate" Air B and B within walking distance of everything!  It has all the necessities including a washer which we used to fresh
en up our travelling wardrobe.

One of our first tourist sites was St.Cuthbert's church.  Here is Julia in the small chapel in that church where Agatha Christie got married for the second time.

St. Cuthbert's cemetery has large tombstones like all the other graveyards we've visited in Scotland.

We strolled through the Princes Street Gardens.... Great Aunt Lizzie's house, but...

...she wasn't home.

We climbed the many flights of stairs in Edinburgh....
....past this floral clock

and back to Princes Street!

The city of Edinburgh is definitely DOMINATED by its castle.  You can always see it and it is impressive!
We spent the best part of one day exploring the castle.

Of course, there's more to add about Edinburgh.....

....Until Next Time....


  1. So much stone! Do you feel at home there, Granite? And it looks like you are blessed with wonderful weather.

    1. Granite is fitting right in!! Weather great for the most part.

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip! ENJOY!

  3. Seems colder looking there now. Any warm Scotsmen around?

    1. Wee drams of Scotch warm you to the bone. Actually, I am loving the temperature..just right for me!