Thursday, 17 September 2015

Out and About Glasgow: Day Two in Scotland

We are staying at The Alexander Thomson Hotel in the heart of Glasgow.

It is on Argyle Street, the name of the street we first lived on in Fredericton.

It is one block away from Central Station.

And just around the corner from Frasers Department store, Oliver, Jarrett, and Kim.

There is a lingerie store, Silks and Secrets, right next door, which saved us traipsing around the city looking for such items.  (as if.)

A hearty breakfast is served in the main dining room.  Our room is an adequate size, with a kettle, teabags, cookies and a TV.  We have access to The American Crime Channel which has back-to-back Law and Order as well as Matlock and Murder She Wrote.  No, we are not spending all our time watching TV, but we do have a touch of jetlag and sore feet.

Today we visited Provand's Lordship which is the oldest house in Glasgow, built in 1471 for the Bishop of Glasgow.

We walked across the Bridge of Sighs which leads to The Glasgow Necropolis.  The bridge is said to be the separation between time and eternity.

Tom sighed on the Bridge of Sighs.

The Glasgow Necropolis is the final resting place of many business people and entrepreneurs of Glasgow.

We also visited Glasgow Cathedral with its impressive stained glass, architecture, and history.

This picture of Tom in front of a doorway in the 1471 house shows how the stature of the Scot has changed over the last 500 years.  It was at least a foot too short for him.
On a serious note, Tom is finding his time in Glasgow to be quite emotional, walking the streets that his father probably walked before immigrating to Canada.  Tom's father died when Tom was only 8 so he knows very little of his father's background and history.  He does know he was born in Glasgow.

The leaves are changing here in Glasgow.  I am loving the and fresh-- a hot flasher 's dream. 

Here is Robert Burns in George Square.  I am having techy issues with my blog (should have brought my tablet) so I end this post with a Robert Burns quote that speaks to my tech issues......"the best-laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley..."

Until Next Time....


  1. Nice of Granite to acknowledge the emotional aspect of Cuddles' journey.

  2. I am loving these posts Barb! Bridge of sighs... so romantic!

    1. Yes, it is such a romantic name....and separation between time and eternity....

  3. So wonderful for Cuddles to feel a connection to his roots. He has been living in the shadow of some rather large granite-type roots for a very long time. Enjoy the grandeur of one of Scotland's oldest cities. (my ex-husband lives there; Benjamin and Sam have been there more than a few times and I have been able to see much of the city through their photos)

  4. Yes, Tom is enjoying feeling his roots.

  5. Reading this feeling teary eyed for Tom's feelings about the father he didn't get to know and I'm supposed to be a granite type too! Sigh