Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Royal Scot: Glasgow

We flew overnight from "Nova Scotia" to "Old Scotland."  Unfortunately, neither of us slept much.  Granite and Cuddles were seated in the last two seats on the plane...right beside the bathroom, a high-traffic area with a planeful of mostly retired people!

Tom was attempting to look cute like Noel.  As you can see, it didn't work.

We are learning how to jay-walk like all Glaswegians.

Tom found a "Poundland" which is equivalent to our Dollar Stores.

Of course, a pound is actually about 2 Canadian dollars.

I went in looking for yarn and water pistols.  Not successful.

Neat window display with about 300 old sewing machines.

Still shopping for a kilt for Tom.  Might have to rent one.

Banners on the street proclaiming Glasgow 's philosophy.

Banner on municipal building emphasizing that philosophy.

This is a bad picture, but a good idea. We have a banner welcoming refugees, preceded by a hashtag...modern technology lingo.  Under the banner, we have a young girl all tartened up, playing the bagpipes in front of a historcal building, beside a beautiful floral planter..... all reflecting Scottish culture and history.  Old established traditions welcoming other human beings in crisis.

And then we had a "pint" and supper at The Royal Scot!!!

 . .  . .  .   Until Next Time......


  1. Have fun Barb and Tom ( oops I mean Cuddles and Granite!)

  2. Thanks, AlexMack. Now that name is very Scottish!!